Osteopathy is becoming an affirmed reality in the sport world.

It is not just a fad because the facts show how effective it is!

Osteopathy is able to give rapid and important results, both to improve sports performance and in case of recover from an accident.

The physical activity lead the body to stress due to the excessive use of some parts of the body and due to continuous trauma that usually occur in sport.

The osteopath, with his global approach, can ensure that the body is able to adapt itself better in order to make the effort required, reducing the waste of energy and thus improving performance.

An approach to sports may require a pre-race preventive and a post-race curative phases. These ones cannot be enough, in this case the osteopath can maintain the outcomes thanks to practical advices and a maintenance plan with home exercises or in collaboration with the preparer athletic or physical therapist.

In cases of professional athletes, a partnership with an osteopath is critical to achieve the best results