Osteopathic treatment involves several stages:

  • Anamnesis (history): in the first stage of the session the interview is important to understand the problem of the patients and understand if the osteopathic treatment may be appropriate.
  • Physical examination: in this phase the problem is investigated deeper with the execution of thests (orthopedic, neurological and osteopathic tests) in order to confirm the initial hypothesis. Subsequently, if the patient will be considered suitable to the treatment,┬áthe osteopath will do a postural examination of the patient and an investigation in order to highlight the cause of the problem.
  • Treatment: the manual approach is based on the results of physical examination. The treatment used will be specific and suitable to the conditions of each patient.

The first session lasts about 60 minutes and it is advisable to bring all medical records in your possession, although not relevant to the problem (eg: X-Ray spine, blood tests, orthopedic examinations, X-Ray panoramic dental problems..)

The following sessions will last about 40-50 minutes.

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